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4 Spray Foam Hacks for Your Home

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Spray foam insulation is a fantastic investment if you want to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency throughout your home for many years to come. However, expanding foam spray can actually be used in a variety of other ways that come in handy around the house. From small-scale DIY projects to quick fixes, here are a few of our favourite fun spray foam hacks to try out at home.

Reduce noise from vibrating pipes

The vibrating sound that can come from water pipes can be hugely frustrating, which is often caused by pressure that creates friction. A bit of home DIY with waterproof expanding foam can fix that straight away! Simply use a small amount of spray foam around the pipes to prevent the vibrating sound. This can be done directly onto the area (if you can reach it) or by drilling a small hole in the wall and spraying through it.

Fix an unsteady shower head

If you notice that your showerhead is a little wobbly, Icynene spray foam insulation is a great way to firm it up again. All you need to do is apply some expanding foam spray right around the shower arm before pushing the cover plate fixing up against the wall. This spray foam hack is clever as the foam will remain completely hidden, but your showerhead will be sturdy once again – no one would ever know!

Protect fragile and breakable goods

You’ll be surprised to know that expanding foam spray is a great for protecting fragile goods when placing them in boxes for postage, or even if you happen to be moving to a new house. If you can’t get your hands on something like bubble wrap, this spray foam hack is an easy and useful alternative.

All you need to do is line a box with cling film and fill the box a third of the way with spray foam, then place another layer of cling film over the spray foam. Wrap your fragile item in cling film, place it into the box and add another layer of cling film on top. Then, add another layer of spray foam. The cling film acts as a layer to separate the layers of waterproof expanding foam, making it much easier to unpack your box.

Fill the gap underneath your bathtub

If you have a standalone bathtub with access panels to the side, you might notice that there is a small gap between the floor and the bottom of the bathtub. This can cause issues such as bathtub flexing, which can increase the likelihood of damage. We’ve got a handy spray foam hack to help you be rid of this problem for good. Weigh your bathtub down by filling it up with water and use expanding foam spray to fill the gap, and you’re done!

If you love our spray foam hacks but want to take it a step further by utilising the benefits of expanding foam insulation for wall, loft or floor insulation, get a quote for spray foam insulation. We don’t use cans; our professional installers are fully trained to apply expanding foam insulation for home insulation. Why use a professional? Our application will keep the cold air out and the warm air in, fully sealing cavities to ensure they are air-tight. And, after just 2 hours post installation, you can enter the property again.

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