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7 Best Shipping Container Homes

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In the past few years, people using shipping containers for housing has rapidly increased in popularity. Shipping containers are an affordable housing solution, and they are environmentally friendly. As well as being a sustainable way of living, they can be relatively quick to convert to a space that someone can live in. They don’t look homely from the outside (to begin with), but if they are sufficiently insulated with Icynene® spray foam insulation they hold the warmth and cold air is kept out.

shipping-container-spray-foam-insulationAre Shipping Containers a Sustainable Home?

Shipping containers are constructed to be durable. They are very strong as they are made from steel, but the flipside of that is they become greenhouses during bouts of hot weather. In ordered to convert a container into a living space, shipping container insulation spray must be used to insulate the container, as well as having sufficient ventilation.

Which Spray Foam Insulation is Suitable?

For shipping container adaptation projects, closed cell spray foam is commonly used to due it’s unparalleled insulating properties.

  • Icynene® spray foam insulation acts as an air barrier
  • Protects against mould, dust & dirt
  • Closed cell spray foam improves air quality

Feeling inspired? These are 7 of the best shipping container housing projects we’ve found:

  1. PV14 House, Texas
  2. The Rustic Retreat, made by Backcountry Containers
  3. Container Village, Bristol
  4. The Beach Box, The Hamptons
  5. Grass Valley, US
  6. Yellow Container Housing, by MAC Containers

  7. Casa Incubo, Costa Rica

Mass Foam Systems use the latest MD-R-210 closed cell spray foam that is installed with minimum disruption. To discuss your project requirements, including commercial applications, get in touch with our friendly team for a no obligation quote on 0800 246 5051 or get an instant quote.


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