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The Benefits of Icynene© Spray Foam Insulation

About Icynene

If you’re thinking of installing spray foam insulation, choose Mass Foam Systems for the highest quality spray foam at the lowest price. We use Icynene spray foam insulation, which is renowned on the market as one of the very best and has an array of fantastic benefits. See how Icynene spray foam insulation can benefit your home and the planet!

Icynene© spray foam is a great thermal insulator

Icynene spray foam insulation is a fantastic insulator and will help stop heat escaping from your home. It is versatile and different types can be used for external walls, roof and loft, and internal wall insulation. The expanding spray foam insulator provides a complete air barrier that has a high R-value (R-value is the measure of heat-resistance flow through material).

Icynene© insulation protects against mould & damp

Icynene© spray foam insulation is one of the least water absorbent types of insulation available on the market. Furthermore, the way the spray foam insulation is applied can help reduce building defects and prevents excess condensation. Additionally, open-cell spray foam insulation is breathable, which can prevent moisture getting trapped in the insulation. All of this protects your home against mould and damp, not only ensuring the structural integrity of your home, but also reducing the dangers of respiratory distress.

Reduces drafts and prevents air leakage

One of the largest benefits of Icynene© spray foam insulation is that it expands into the space it is injected into, filling every nook and cranny of the wall. This high level of air tightness prevents draft and air leakage. This is important for insulation during both the winter and summer periods as drafts can let cold or hot air out and dramatically change the temperature of your home.

Lower energy use and running costs

All these points mean you will spend considerably less on heating and cooling your home, reducing your energy bill and utility costs. The thermal and air leakage prevention qualities of Icynene© spray foam insulation will ensure that in the winter you will need to spend considerably less heating your home. This also applies to the summer, as cool air will get trapped inside your home, keeping your house refreshingly cooler.

Environmentally friendly

By installing Icynene© spray foam insulation you are reducing your dependency on heating and cooling systems. Depending on what you have, from gas boilers to air conditioners, you are using less electricity or gas and that directly benefits the environment. Furthermore, Icynene© spray foam contains only environmentally friendly materials; it is made up of 99% pure air and includes no pollutant or hazardous substances. Icynene© insulation is independently tested by multiple government and international agencies and contains no toxic or hazardous substances.

If you are intrigued by the benefits of Icynene© spray foam insulation and want to find out more visit our website or call us on 0800 246 5051. If you need a quote for your home, please request a call back using our online form.

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