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Can You Install Spray Foam Insulation in Cold Weather?

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Are you wondering when the best time of year is to get spray foam insulation? If you are thinking about investing, you’ll be pleased to know that it can be installed during all seasons. This makes it even more convenient to choose a time that suits you. A lot of our previous customers wondered whether you can install Icynene® spray foam insulation in cold weather, and the answer is yes!

Spray foam insulation can be installed in cold weather without compromising on the end result. Surface and spray foam tank temperatures must be monitored to ensure a successful application; however, this is something that experienced insulation experts can easily control.

The surface that the Icynene® insulation is applied to must not be too cold. This is because a surface too cold will prevent the spray foam insulation from bonding effectively to the surface and will inhibit the expanding process. It is strongly advised that homeowners ensure their heating has warmed up their home enough before our expert installers arrive.

What are the benefits of installing spray foam insulation in winter?

Winter is a great time of year to get spray foam insulation in your home and offers homeowners an array of fantastic benefits.

Reduced heat loss

During the winter time, most homeowners want to ensure that warm air inside their home can’t get out! Icynene® spray foam insulation has brilliant air-tight properties, meaning heat can’t escape and the cold air can’t get in. Once your spray foam insulation has been installed, you can guarantee a more energy efficient home from the get-go.

A cosier, warmer home

With reduced heat loss comes a home that is much cosier to return to after a long day. This is because Icynene® spray foam is a fantastic thermal insulator, acting as a complete barrier against those cold winter winds!

Save up to 50% on your energy bills

Since winter is the time of year when we want the heating on the most, it’s a great idea to install spray foam insulation when you need it most. Icynene® spray foam insulation can actually help you save up to 50% on your energy bills because of the reduced heat loss.

Learn more about the benefits of installing spray foam insulation in cold weather by getting in touch with our friendly team of experts. Simply contact us by calling to learn more and receive a free quote!

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