How Much Will I Save On Energy Bills If I Get Insulation?

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How Much Will I Save On Energy Bills If I Get New Insulation?

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There are many advantages to getting new insulation; these include a reduction in your property’s energy bills, carbon emission and less outside noise. Many homeowners choose to have their loft, cavity walls and floors insulated in order to save on heating bills, but how much money can you really save as a result of a new insulation?


Benefits of loft insulation

To understand the potential cost savings, it’s important to know how loft insulation works and the best type to use for both new and existing homes. Mass Foam Systems have been installing Icynene® spray foam insulation for years and are experts in their field. Some of Icynene®’s benefits include a strong level of air tightness and an efficient product which fills all cavities.

Not only will loft insulation provide you with a cleaner more useable loft, it can also save you a considerable amount on your annual energy bills. According to Which?, homeowners with loft insulation could save between £115 and £215 on energy bills per year, however, we’ve found our clients have saved up to 50% on their energy costs. Our Icynene® spray foam insulation provides air sealing and prevents heat loss.


Cavity wall insulation

In order to make the most of the energy savings available, many of our clients also choose to have cavity wall insulation. Even if you invest in loft insulation, heat could still be escaping through your walls.

Cavity wall insulation can be a bit daunting to some but when using Icynene® spray foam insulation, it is completely safe. Icynene® is free from harmful gasses and toxic fumes, and is environmentally certified. Our Mass Foam Systems team are accredited professionals with years of experience and have been thoroughly trained. Icynene® spray foam guarantees there are no gaps so damp will not be a problem; as it doesn’t store water it will improve overall damp protection.

Cavity wall insulation could be the most cost-effective measure you can take to reduce your energy bills as up to 35% of heat is lost through a building’s walls. Which? suggest you could save between £65 and £250 per year with this insulation.


Further savings with underfloor insulation

A lesser known fact is heat can also escape through your home’s floor. We know that approximately 10% of energy is lost through the floor but this is often something that is forgotten about. Underfloor insulation can stop heat escaping and increase energy efficiency.

Icynene® closed cell foam is the best foam insulation for underfloor insulation due to its water resistance and rigid construction. If you have a modern home, you will likely have a solid base, such as concrete. Many older houses have suspended wooden floors but both types will still benefit from Icynene® as it prevents air-draughts and heat loss. Which? state you could save between £25 and £65 per year with floor insulation.

Although getting insulation is an investment, it can benefit you and your home in the long term.  In addition, with adequate insulation, your home will have a greater energy efficiency rating. This could make it more attractive to future buyers when it comes to selling your property in the future.

If you’d like to discuss loft insulation with a member of the Mass Foam Systems’ team, or learn more about our insulation services, you can call our free phone number 0800 246 5051. Alternatively, you can request a call back using our online form.

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