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How Spray Foam Insulation Keeps Your House Cool During Summer

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While British people are usually trying to keep heat in the house, with recent heatwaves and hot summers, more and more people are looking towards the opposite: keeping the house cold. Unlike many other countries like America and Southern Europe, it is rare for British people to have air conditioning, so having good insulation is an important way to keep that cool air in the hot summer months. A good spray foam insulation can be the ideal solution in summer to keeping your home refreshed and cool.

Icynene© spray foam insulation creates an air barrier trapping in cool air

Without going into a super-scientific technical explanation, insulation is about stopping heat moving through materials. On a hot day, the outside of your home is being heated by the sun and the surrounding hot air. This heats the walls of your home and that heat travels through your walls to heat the interior of your home. Insulation stops that heat from moving, keeping the heat outside. Additionally, insulation helps stop the opposite effect, stopping the cold air leaving your house. Keeping the hot air outside and the cold air inside is the best way to keep your house refreshingly cool.

Icynene© spray foam insulation is very effective because it creates an air barrier in your walls. Air is a great insulator, and the air trapped into the spray foam insulation can’t move around, creating a barrier that makes it difficult for hot or cold air to get through.

Icynene© spray foam insulation helps stop drafts and airflow

Holes in your insulation can impact your houses temperature dramatically. We all know what a bad draft feels like in the winter, well the same is applicable for summer. Missing or uneven insulation can lead to air escaping through your home, letting the cold air out and allowing the warm air in.

Luckily, Icynene© spray foam insulation, when applied properly by a professional, creates a very effective air barrier that fills all air crevices and eliminates all air leaks. Spray foam insulation is sprayed into the wall as liquid that expands quickly and fills every gap. Once it is inside the wall and has filled every available inch, the spray foam insulation solidifies, providing a complete air barrier that has a high R-value (R-value is the measure of heat-resistance flow through material).

If you have an air conditioner, it won’t have to work hard

For all the reasons mentioned above, if you are one of the lucky Britons with an air conditioner, Icynene© spray foam insulation will still save you on your energy bill as it will have to work considerably less. Rather than constantly cooling hot air, which then escapes outsides and is replaced by more hot air, the air conditioners only cools the room once. Once the room is cool, the spray foam insulation stops air and heat moving about as much. The air condition may only have to be switched on a few times a day to top up the cold air or cool the air heated by humans and appliances.

Learn more about keeping your house cool in the summer with spray foam insulation and the benefits of our Icynene© Spray Foams by visiting our website or calling us on 0800 246 5051. If you need a quote for your home, please request a call back using our online form.

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