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Icynene – An Efficient Insulation Solution

About Icynene

There’s a new modern alternative to foam board insulation that beats all other insulation: Icynene foam insulation.

Icynene is a revolutionary soft foam that you can use to insulate your home or commercial property. This easy-to-use material is the most efficient form of insulation on the market.

This material beats other forms of insulation because it:

  • Saves up to 50% on heating costs.
  • Creates a tight seal.
  • Is easily applied on curved surfaces.
  • Sound proofs your home.
  • Enables you to reduce the size and cost of your cooling and heating equipment.
  • Has the highest vapor resistance than any other soft foam insulation.
  • Saves time.
  • Protects your home from cold, dust particles, dirt, and airborne pollutants.


What Is Icynene?

Icynene is an expanding soft foam made of chemicals that form polyurethane foam. Unlike other polyurethane foams, Icynene contains NO toxic gases, which means it’s safe for the environment.

Icynene is different to other polyurethane foams because it’s completely flexible. Other polyurethane foams tend to be rigid and so are less able to create a fully air-tight seal.

Other polyurethane foams tend to leave gaps for air and moisture to enter, but Icynene is so reliable it fills all gaps on the first installation. For a full guide on spray foam insulation, you can visit our Spray Foam Insulation Full Guide.


How Does Icynene Work?

Icynene is an expanding foam that creates an insulating air barrier. On application, it expands to 100 times its size filling every gap that creates a draught.

The Icynene foam then hardens forming a tight seal for efficient and air-tight insulation.

This state-of-the-art foam can be sprayed or poured into walls, attics, ceilings, floors, and exterior walls for a fully sealed insulation solution.


Why You Should Hire a Professional Company to Install Icynene

Icynene may seem simple enough to install yourself.

But, before you attempt to save costs by doing it yourself it’s vital you understand that you may end up paying through the nose for incorrect installation.

People who attempt to use Icynene tend to spray incorrect quantities. If you don’t get the quantities exactly right it won’t insulate efficiently, which will waste your time and money.

Your property may not be appropriate for Icynene either. Before you go ahead and purchase your Icynene supply it’s strongly advised you seek guidance from a professional Icynene installation company.


Is Icynene safe?

Icynene is fully BBA (British Board of Agreement) approved. This means it’s undergone rigorous certification, inspection, and testing to ensure it’s completely safe.

As Icynene is comprised of completely natural materials, it’s safe for the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.


Is Icynene expensive?

Icynene may cost slightly more than regular polyurethane foam insulation, but just one application will last a lifetime.

The overall costs Icynene will save you far outweigh the costs if you use a standard foam for insulation.

You’ll save heating costs, cooling costs, you won’t need to reapply it later, and even better it’ll increase the value of your property.


Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with Icynene provided your property is suited to this type of installation and you hire the right professionals.

It’s one of the most eco-friendly ways to insulate your property and will keep you and your family safe from cold, damp, and pollutants for a lifetime.

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