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Is Spray Foam Insulation Waterproof ?

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With the rainy weather, we are often faced within the UK, it is essential that our homes are equipped to cope with it. This includes ensuring that the insulation in your home is sufficient enough to resist water.

You’ll be pleased to know that spray foam insulation does actually have waterproof properties, but the extent of this depends on the type of spray foam you use.

Icynene® spray foam comes in two forms: open cell and closed cell. Neither open cell nor closed cell foam insulation absorbs water, making it the number one insulation solution to protect your home from wet weather conditions and all whilst keeping you safe from any heat loss.

Open cell spray foam insulation is much softer and less dense than closed cell spray foam. Any water that meets open cell spray foam is completely drained away, meaning it cannot be absorbed and therefore damage your insulation. Closed cell spray foam insulation is much denser with a rigid structure; therefore, it acts as a complete barrier or vapour barrier against any water.

With Icynene® spray foam being waterproof, you can remain rest assured that your investment will last you for many years to come. Whilst it can be more expensive than other forms of insulation, its longevity and quality are far superior.

Any air that migrates through the building through an envelope will carry water vapour. Unlike an insulation board, Icynene spray foam creates air-seals. This mitigates any chance for water vapour to leak into your home. Icynene is permeable meaning that is will also assist in helping keep your home dry as moisture escapes through the insulation as it dries out.

Spray foam insulation’s waterproof properties bring an array of other great benefits to your home, including the elimination of damp formation and mould growth. This all helps to keep your home in fantastic condition, whilst energy efficient due to it being completely airtight.

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