What's The Difference Between R-value and U-value?

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What’s The Difference Between R-value and U-value?

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mass-foam-systems-certified-installersWe know that the U-value and R-value is important, but what is the difference between the two? When it comes to doing work on your property, a certain amount of “value” must be met so that it meets the government’s energy initiatives, and this includes Icynene® spray foam.

R-value and U-value aren’t too dissimilar; they both measure the resistance to heat flow. When you come to choose insulation, it’s important to consider the below, particularly if you are choosing Icynene® spray foam insulation.

residential-mass-foam-systems-loftWhat is the R-value of Icynene®?

Similarly to what you’ll discover below about U-value, R-value is dependant on the thickness of the material, and the measure of that material in its ability to stop heat escaping through it. The higher the R-value a product has, the better it is at insulating your home. Find out the specific R-value of Icynene® open cell and closed cell.

What is the U-value of Icynene®?

The U-value is the measure of the insulating ability of foam insulation, and other insulating products such as windows, to filter the heat loss. The number of the value tells you how much heat is being lost and how much will be gained. In theory, the lower the number, the better the U-value of that item. A lower figure indicates that less heat dissipates through it.

However, U-value measures the conductive heat flow, when the primary way heat is transferred is through air leakage. Up to 40% of energy lost in a property is a result of air leakage.

As a result of this, it’s believed that rather than focusing on U-value, it’s important to consider the air leakage in your home. The most efficient way to ensure that your property has a low U-value is to add installation to your home that has recognised air barrier qualities. By choosing Icynene® spray foam insulation, you are adding an air barrier to your home that will increase your energy savings by up to 50% as well as other superior benefits.

We recommend focusing on the energy savings you will get from choosing Icynene®:

  • Less heat lost
  • 50% saving on energy bills
  • Increased value to your home

If you would like to discuss your spray foam insulation requirements further, get in touch with our friendly team for on 0800 246 5051 or find out your instant quote.

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