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Why Shipping Containers Need Insulation

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Why Do You Need Shipping Container Insulation?

Shipping containers are ideal for storage, but if they aren’t properly insulated you run the risk of damaging what’s inside. Without substantial insulation, some of the major issues you could encounter are condensation and an ingress of dust, dirt & mould. There is a choice of insulation available, but with spray foam insulation you won’t get condensation, it provides extra structural stability and maximum thermal insulation.

Why Use Icynene® Spray Foam Insulation?

Icynene® insulation is ideal for protecting and insulating shipping containers as the traditional method of does not work as well. The steel containers conduct heat, so they will either be too hot or too cold. This is not an ideal environment for storage, especially if it involves household items.

Unlike traditional methods, spray foam insulation fills every possible space due to it’s expanding action, so it will protect the container contents in both warm and cold environments. Icynene® spray foam is a type of insulation favoured for its air barrier properties, durability and unparalleled, long-lasting quality protection. This is particularly important in the UK because of our weather patterns.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

There are two types of Icynene®; depending on your insulation requirements. For shipping container insulation spray, Icynene® closed cell spray foam insulation is the recommended spray foam insulation as it a rigid foam, and the closed structure guarantees no moisture will get in. Another benefit is fantastic temperature regulation due to the higher density, protecting whatever you are storing inside the container from the elements outside.

Mass Foam Systems use the latest Icynene® MD-R-210 closed cell spray foam; a high-performance solution that is installed with a minimum amount of disruption and fuss.

Why Mass Foam Systems?

Mass Foam Systems are the UK’s number one installers of Icynene®, as accredited by the official manufacturers of the Icynene® product. This is due to our professional and friendly service, and team of specially trained Icynene® contractors. Get in touch on 0800 246 5051 to learn more about Icynene® spray foam insulation or get an instant quote.

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