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Cavity Wall Insulation - Bournemouth

Cavity Wall Insulation & Extraction – Bournemouth

A staggering 35% of heat is lost through the walls of a dwelling, which is more than in any other area (assuming you have loft insulation). This statistic proves that it is extremely important to reduce the amount of heat lost through your walls for a generous contribution to savings on heating bills.

Bournemouth Grant Funding

Government-backed insulation grants can help save money on the costs of energy-efficient improvements for your home such as cavity wall insulation. Find out if you’re eligible through our Insulation Grant Guide:

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By taking some time to apply for the ECO scheme, you may find that your insulation replacement/installation costs could be 100% funded through the scheme’s goal of making homes more energy-efficient.

Cavity Insulation for the Bournemouth service area

Here at Mass Foam Systems, your local cavity wall insulation experts for Bournemouth, we install cavity wall insulation using a bonded bead product called “ThermaBead“.

ThermaBead‘s polystyrene bead insulation is a new and innovative product that has proven its worth in the insulation market. Customers are loving this product due to the reliability of the product and cost-savings seen on heating bills.

One customer of Thermabead even said:

“Fantastic insulation. Easy installation. Increased EPC. Lower energy bills. Most importantly the home is now more comfortable all year round.”

Using quality insulation products, like ThermaBead, to retain heat within your home is important if you are looking to see real reductions in your heating bills.

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One question we get frequently is “How does Thermabead compare against other insulation materials in the market?”. We’ve done our research and found the following…

BenefitsThermabeadRegular Insulation
Fills hard-to-reach places/X
Minimal installation disruption/X
Reduce heat loss rates by up to 70%/X
Competitive efficiency/X
Breaks down over timeX/
Moisture dissipation/X
Even insulation/X

Here’s a video from Thermabead themselves to showcase the installation process and how their product works.

The key benefits of this cavity wall insulation product are:

  • 70% heat loss reductions
  • 20% more energy efficient than rock wool and glass wool
  • BBA and BDA approved for cavity walls over 40mm thick
  • K-value of just 0.033
  • Minimal disruption
  • 30% fewer drill holes compared to standard solutions

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Many dwellings since the late 1930s have been built with cavity walls (a gap between the internal and outer walls). This cavity has proved to be inefficient for insulating and does not meet current building regulations and standards for today.

To solve this rising issue, a product was developed by a company called ThermaBead. This cavity wall insulation product allows the ability to insulation cavity walls that have a space of over 40mm wide.

The product is both KIWA and BBA certified and has gained an incredible reputation throughout the UK as a trusted insulation product for cavity walls.

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Cavity Extraction for the Bournemouth service area

Is your insulation producing damp problems? Or is your insulation degrading and losing efficiency when trying to keep heat in? Whatever reason you have, Mass Foam Systems can extract existing insulation quickly and easily!

Here is a general list of what we can extract:

  • Polystyrene beads
  • Urea Formaldehyde insulation
  • Rockwool mineral fibre
  • Whitewool
  • Yellow fibre
  • Cavity rubble

We also offer additional services such as:

  • Wall repointing
  • Cavity wall repairs

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Why cavity wall extraction may be needed

The UK generally has a damp climate and exposes your home to high-speed winds and icy conditions. These conditions can take a toll on your brickwork and often lead to gaps/holes which can degrade and reduce the effectiveness of your installed insulation.

damp cavity wall insulation

The result of damp insulation within your cavity wall.

The problem with exposed insulation (typically fibreglass) is that once it becomes wet, it is virtually impossible to dry and thus leaving you with poor cavity wall insulation. To be straightforward, wet/damp insulation = increased heating bill costs for the same internal temperature + expensive structural damage.

Cavity wall extraction would be required to remove the damaged insulation to allow for new, more resilient insulation material such as Thermabead.

Note that not all properties are suitable for cavity wall extraction. Get in contact here for more information.

Our Process

Step 1 - Get in contact

Speak to our friendly specialists to get the best deal on your cavity wall insulation.

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Step 2 - Gathering requirements

Next, we will gather all the details for the job to ensure it is done properly.

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Step 3 - Provide quote or consultation

We will provide a free quote over the phone or conduct a free site consultation.

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Step 4 - Schedule appointment

Once an agreement is made, we will arrange an appointment to install the cavity wall insulation.

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Step 5 - Installation

Our team will apply the ThermaBead, and prepare or clean the areas if needed.

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