Two Types of Icynene® to Match Your Insulation needs


Icynene® Closed and Open Cell Insulation

At Mass Foam Systems, we offer two types of Icynene® spray foam insulation: 1) Icynene® closed cell and 2) Icynene® open cell foam. We recommend Icynene® to insulate all types of buildings and more, but will advise the best type of Icynene® to suit your requirements. View common Icynene FAQs, reviews from our customers or details about costs. For example, we may recommend:

  • Icynene® closed cell insulation is a rigid foam ideal for flooring, external and ceiling applications more suitable for commercial/industrial buildings and has a closed cell structure. Ideal for increased energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality.
  • Icynene® open cell insulation is a softer foam for internal, loft and wall insulation with an open cell structure. The building can breathe naturally due to its open cell structure and is most suited to residential buildings.

Icynene® Closed Cell Spray Foam

Our Icynene® closed cell spray foam is a water blown spray foam (as opposed to harmful gases). It has no synthetic blowing agent and is made from recycled content for the lowest global warming potential possible. It is technically known as Icynene® H2 Foam FORTE and is REACH certified (a European Union regulation concerning chemicals), producing no harmful gases. Other features include:

  • No HFC’s (hydrofluorocarbons)
  • No pressurized drums or gas loss when a drum is opened
  • No PBDEs (harmful fire-retardant chemicals)

Primary benefits of Icynene® closed cell spray foam is that it can be sprayed in any environment in temperatures as low as -10C, so we can insulate warehouses to farmhouses. As it is water blown it does not off gas, so there’s no risk of smelly gases, and it increases the structural integrity for homes or commercial buildings!

Read the official Icynene® closed cell H2 Foam FORTE information pack here.


Icynene® Open Cell Spray Foam

Icynene® open cell spray foam has been used around the world for the past 31 years in thousands of residential and commercial buildings. It is 100% water blown, with no harmful gases and is ideal for use in a broad range of temperature and humidity conditions. We have two types of Icynene® open cell spray foam available including the H2 Foam LITE and the H2 Foam LITE PLUS which can help you save up to 50% on monthly heating and cooling costs. The H2 Foam LITE PLUS is an improved version with better insulation and excellent adhesion. Other features include:

  • More effective at sound-proofing
  • Improved thermal conductivity
  • Excellent spray ability for a tidy application
  • AMICA recommended, the European Association for the Environmental & Chronic Toxic Injury.

Primary benefits of Icynene® open cell spray foam is that it offers sound proofing, and can be installed at a lower cost yet offers the same thermal resistance (otherwise calculated as an R value). It will permit long term creep or seasonal movements of buildings whilst still acting as an air barrier and insulating material.

Read the official Icynene® open cell H2 Foam LITE and LITE PLUS information pack here.

Icynene® is BBA certified, and Mass Foam Systems are Icynene® approved installers, offering spray foam insulation for homes in the South of the UK. Get in touch by calling 0800 246 5051 or email