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Cavity Wall Insulation Facts

Which Type of Insulation is the Best Cavity Wall Insulation?

The best cavity wall insulation is one that will save you money on your heating bills, sufficiently insulate by providing an air barrier and is water resistant. Icynene® spray foam insulation is the only one on the market to offer all these benefits, as well as reducing noise that travels through interior and exterior walls.

Should I Get Cavity Wall Insulation?

can-you-use-expanding-foam-as-cavity-wall-insulationYou may be asking yourself “Is cavity wall insulation a good idea?”, because you’ve heard of the unfortunate cases of cavity wall insulation causing damp. This only happens if you use insufficient cavity wall insulation, such as blown mineral fibre. It doesn’t fill every gap, and when the insulation absorbs the water that gets through the gaps, condensation is caused.

Spray foam insulation eliminates this risk. Icynene® open cell spray foam insulation doesn’t absorb water, so a bridge isn’t formed between the cavity walls like with other forms of cavity wall insulation.

We think that cavity wall insulation is a good thing because of the energy bills it reduces. 31% of heat is lost through the walls, which is both energy and money lost. Spray foam insulation is air-tight and creates a barrier to stop any air leaks.

What Are the Cavity Wall Insulation Costs?

The exact cost of cavity wall insulation varies with each job, as it’s based on the number of square meters of insulation required. Receive a free quote for your project from Mass Foam Systems, a team of accredited Icynene® approved installers.

Why Were Older Houses Built with Cavity Walls?

Cavity walls were thought to prevent moisture travel between the walls, thus preventing damp. Icynene® spray foam doesn’t absorb water, so the risk of damp or condensation is eliminated, and you get to benefit from a better insulated, warmer home.

Find out more about Icynene® spray foam insulation for residential properties from the UK’s leading accredited Icynene® home insulation contractors. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for a no obligation quote on 0800 246 5051 or get an instant quote

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