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Features of Open Cell Spray Foam

What is Icynene® open cell spray foam insulation?

Icynene® open cell spray foam insulation is another form of spray foam insulation that has a lower density than its counterpart; closed-cell spray foam. Due to fewer materials being needed, Icynene® open-cell spray foam insulation is applied quicker and is, therefore, less expensive to install than closed-cell. Furthermore, due to its lower density, Icynene® open-cell spray foam insulation can accommodate long-term and seasonal house movement, reducing the risk of re-installation and insulation damage in the future.open-cell-spray-foam-400x300

Here are the benefits to using open-cell spray foam insulation:

  • Accommodates long-term house movement
  • Forms a solid air barrier and is excellent for soundproofing buildings and interior walls
  • Cheaper installation costs due to less raw material usage
  • Hydrophobic material repels water on impact
  • Just uses water as the blowing agent
  • Cannot sustain mould
  •  High R-value (resistance to heat flow)
  • Offers cheaper insulation option for interior walls, reducing overall insulation cost when using Icynene® spray foam insulation
  • Easier removal in order to access behind insulation (for wiring and pipes), in comparison with other insulation types

Want to know more? Check out our page comparison for Icynene® open cell spray foam insulation and its closed-cell variant. Alternatively, if you are planning a future project, get an instant quote or call our friendly team on 0800 246 5051. 

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