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How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

It is key when deciding what insulation to use what features it will provide you after installation. Icynene® spray foam insulation may be a more expensive outlay in the beginning, but in as short as 3 years you will have made the money back by the amount you save in your energy bills.

Also, spray foam insulation such as Icynene has superior results compared to traditional insulation.

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What is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a liquid foam that is sprayed onto a layer and then further expands to develop its insulating properties. The insulation can be applied to many areas such as the loft, roof, floors, walls and many more. Loft insulation for spray foam tends to be the most typical usage for spray foam.

There are a few types of spray foam insulation such as Icynene or Polyurethane spray foam. This type of insulation has been used for over 30 years now and is continuously growing in popularity. Spray foam can provide water-tight sealing as well as being much more effective as an insulator over common insulation materials like Fibreglass.

Check out our full Icynene spray foam insulation guide for more information on what spray foam is and what it can do for you.

Benefits of Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

  • Icynene provides sound proofing
  • Spray foam insulation expands to 100 times its size, filling every possible gap and ensuring there are no area gaps
  • Protects against mould growth as it is air-tight
  • Improved insulation effectiveness against heat loss
  • Can provide water-tight sealing

Here’s a short video on Icynene spray foam insulation & how it can save you money:

The Return on Investment of Spray Foam Insulation Cost

When planning work to be done to your home, the cost is always a big factor. Ultimately, insulation is an investment. As a result of insulation, you retain more heat in your home, saving money on heating bills. Did you know that adding Icynene insulation to your home can add value when you come to sell?

  • Icynene spray foam insulation offers higher energy cost savings of 50%
  • Foam insulation reinforces the structural integrity of roofs
  • Icynene has a longer lifetime. The higher energy rating increases the market value of the property

Other factors to consider when looking at the cost are:

  • Area size
  • Spray insulation type: open cell or closed cell foam
  • Installation time

Insulation – Finance Options

If you are looking to finance the cost of the spray foam insulation process, you can do so easily via Ideal4Finance. By using Ideal4Finance you can apply for a loan in 4 quick and easy steps. This process involves a soft credit check which will not hinder your credit and also does not show up to other lenders.

Spray Foam Insulation Cost: Spray Foam vs. Traditional Insulation

Before reading on, it is important to understand the cost-savings and other benefits that spray foam insulation provides.

Here is an image to illustrate some of the benefits that spray foam insulation provides when installed properly:

Table showing how spray foam insulation provides more benefits than traditional types of insulation

There are also many other benefits that spray foam insulation has over traditional types of insulation such as:

  • Decreased decay rates

Fibreglass insulation decays overtime which will ultimately reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. Spray foam insulation, however, doesn’t… meaning that your insulation will be as effective as it has always been.

  • Air leak prevention

Laying down fibreglass is a manual process with a lot of room for human error. A small air leak can decrease the effectiveness of your insulation dramatically. This will mean your hard work has gone to waste and will cost you more for a fix or more money down the road if left unattended.

  • Minimal air impurities

Spray foam insulation is non-toxic after the installation. Compared to traditional types of insulation, you will have minimal alergens and dust if going for spray foam.

  • Increased housing value

An efficient house is a valuable house. Energy efficiency is considered when pricing a house so having the most energy efficient insulation will no-doubt increase the value of your home.


In conclusion, spray foam insulation is generally more expensive than traditional types of insulation per square metre. However, considering the long term benefits that spray foam insulation provides, you will see generous returns that outperform traditional insulations in terms of savings.

Here at Mass Foam Systems, we care for our clientele. Therefore, we offer the lowest price guarantee on Icynene spray foam insulation. With a simple 4 step form, you can obtain an instant, free & no-obligation quote for you to take back and consider in your own time. No rush, no pressure just a simple quotation like they should be.

Icynene cost cannot be determined from a single blog as there are many factors and areas which need to be considered. You can find the detail in our full Icynene costs guide.

Find out more about Icynene® insulation and the UK’s leading accredited Icynene® installation contractors. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for a no obligation quote on 0800 246 5051 or get an instant quote.

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