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How to Insulate a Shipping Container

How to insulate a shipping container

One of the first things to consider when getting a shipping or storage container insulated is where the container will ‘live’ most of the time. If it will be a warm climate, Icynene® shipping container insulation blocks heat from coming in. If it’s a colder climate, a thicker layer of insulation is needed to ensure any heat generated from within remains. Icynene® is a spray foam insulation which can be applied liberally to fill every nook and cranny of a draughty container and in thicker amounts with ease to ensure adequate protection.

Spray foam insulation can save up to 50% in energy bills, of which will largely derive from electric heaters or fans. Get a quote for shipping container insulation, which is a one-time installation cost that can last a lifetime.

The next thing to consider is what the shipping container will be used for. The most popular uses of insulated shipping containers are:

  1. For shipping goods
  2. As a storage container
  3. As a home to be lived in

How to insulate a shipping container home

If an insulated shipping container is needed to ensure it’s suitable to be lived in, spray foam insulation is the superior option as the benefits cover more than only insulating qualities. Icynene® spray foam also works by:

  • Completely stopping heat escaping and entering the container. This means that both your heating efforts in winter and cooling efforts in summer (ideal for cooling a shipping container home) won’t be wasted, and they won’t cost more than they need. The complete air barrier ensures thermal retention, saving shipping container homeowners a significant amount on energy bills.
  • It has no harmful gases, so it’s safe to use.
  • Icynene® insulated shipping containers will improve the interior air quality.
  • Vermin can’t chew through it, so they won’t attempt to make a nest.

Want to know more about Icynene® spray foam installation or how much Icynene® costs? Why not give one of our team members a call on 0800 246 5051 to discuss your project and how we can help. Get an instant quote.


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