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Icynene® Insulation R Values

Icynene® is a form of spray foam insulation that is used to insulate homes, commercial buildings, agricultural warehouses and more. All types of insulation will be credited an R value, which is the measure used to determine its resistance to heat flow and thus its most suitable application (warehouse or home). The more insulation is resistant to heat flow the more heat can be retained in the home, lowering heating costs. This heat barrier also protects against pollutants from entering the home and improves air quality.

It is important to note that R value does not measure heat movement carried in the air or air flow. This means that typical insulation materials such as mineral fibre may have a high R value but does not block air flow due to holes, cracks and gaps between it.

How are insulation R Values calculated?

The R value is calculated by multiplying the Area (m2) by the Temperature Difference (K) and dividing by the Heat Transfer (W). The R value of common household materials give a good indication how effective spray foam insulation is at retaining heat:

Material R-VALUE (F° · SQ.FT. · HR/BTU)
Common Brick at 4” 0.80
Hardwood Flooring at ¾” 0.68
Double Glazing with ¼” Air Space 1.69
Core Solid Door at 1 ¾” 2.17
Icynene® R Value Per Inch 3.7 to 6.75


Icynene® Insulation R Value

Icynene® is available in closed (medium density) and open cell versions with differing R values to suit the level of heat barrier needed. This ranges from 3.7 to 6.75, as listed on the official Icynene® website:

  • Icynene® Classic (LD-C-50) has an R Value of 3.7 per inch.
  • Icynene® Classic Max has an R Value of 3.7 per inch.
  • Icynene® MD-C-200 has an R Value of 6.75 per inch.

Insulation R Values Can Be Misleading

Many homeowners may wish to double up their existing insulation to improve R value, when the real problem is the gaps and holes that cannot be sealed. Icynene® is a two in one product, offering R value insulation and an air barrier as it expands in cracks and gaps to prevent any air from passing through.

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