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Icynene® Loft Insulation in the UK

Icynene® spray foam insulation is one of the best forms of loft insulation in the UK. It offers up to 50% savings on energy costs, which is more than any other spray foam insulation in the UK market.

A quarter of heat is lost through a roof that isn’t insulated; making it one of the most important areas of your home for insulation. Choosing loft insulation in the UK results in an abundance of many options and all but spray foam insulation acts as a heat but not an air barrier.

Icynene® loft spray foam insulation is a 2 in 1 insulation, providing effective insulation that fills every nook and cranny ensuring that no drafts or leaks can occur. The Icynene® insulation system is a soft flexible spray foam insulation, and the only form to achieve IAB, BBA, ETA and REACH certifications so it can be applied to the underside of breathable and non-breathable roof membranes and felts.

Icynene® is an ideal roof insulation in the UK for old and new builds as its unique properties ensure that it can easily insulate unusual designs and shapes, cracks and crevices. It also comes in two forms; open and closed cell, so that it can be used to enforce the roof’s structural integrity.

Icynene® is 100% open cell and water blown, making it environmentally friendly with no harmful off gassing. It minimises mould, pollution and reduces noise; ideal if you’ve transformed your loft into a living space. View Icynene® reviews.

Read our guide on room in roof insulation for tips on how to start saving money now.

Our spray foam insulation can only be installed by a certified Icynene® contractor; please call Mass Foam Systems for more details or get a free, instant quote.

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