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Is Icynene® Insulation Toxic?

One of the recurring concerns when it comes to using spray foam insulation is whether it is toxic. If there is a risk of it being toxic insulation or there are Icynene® dangers associated with spray foam, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to use it in your home. We want to clear up spray foam safety and dispel any worries you may have!

Put simply, Icynene® isn’t toxic, and it’s safe to use in domestic properties. Icynene® is 100% water blown and consists of water and isocyanates and is certified as environmentally friendly.  It is important that Icynene® installers are used to ensure the product is fully cured and prevent any health risks during the process. Once cured, the foam poses no danger whatsoever.


The reason Icynene® insulation must be applied by one of our approved Icynene® contractors is because there are trained and have the necessary protective clothing to ensure that it’s safe for them to install the Icynene®.

What have the Environment Protection Agency said about foam insulation?

The Environmental Protection Agency have said that ““Homeowners who are exposed to isocyanates and other spray foam chemicals in vapours, aerosols, and dust during or after the installation process “run the risk of developing asthma, sensitization, lung damage, other respiratory and breathing problems, and skin and eye irritation.” However, as they state, these health issues occur during installation if the spray foam insulation is installed by someone who isn’t wearing the correct clothing, and if the property is entered too soon after installation.

When can you enter the property after spray foam application?

You can enter your home in as quickly as 2 hours following the installation of Icynene® spray foam, which is much sooner than many other insulations! Also, this should further reassure you that Icynene® is safe to be used in homes – if there were any serious risks re-entering the property so soon wouldn’t be an option.

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