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Is Spray Foam Insulation Fire Resistant?

One of the biggest factors considered during the insulation purchasing process is whether there is fire-safe spray foam. We have been asked is spray foam insulation fire resistant? One of the reasons our installers use Icynene® is because it’s a fire retardant. This means it is safe for homes and offers peace of mind.

Whether Icynene® is fireproof is one of common misconceptions about Icynene® insulation dangers, as some people think that as it’s a spray foam, it must be. This isn’t the case, and hopefully the below quells any worries!

What building standards does Icynene® meet?

Icynene® meets all fire safety codes. It has passed fire testing and has an E-rated building certification. It is a Class A material and does not act as a fuel source. It’s in the lowest bracket in the fire spread index, ranking less or equal to 25.

Are the materials in spray foam flammable?

No. Icynene® is made using recycled content and is water-blown. It contains no flammable materials such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs).

Is spray foam insulation flammable?

Unfortunately, every type of insulation is eventually flammable. The next steps are to review which insulation is resistant to the spread of fire and will prevent fires spreading. Icynene® spray foam insulation is a fire retardant, so it reduces the rate of flames spreading.

Fact: in just 2 minutes a fire can become life-threatening. In 5-minutes, a house can become entirely engulfed in flames. Unlike other forms of insulation, it takes around 30 minutes for Icynene® to become flammable. In addition, the amount of Icynene® that can be consumed by flames is very low at around 7-8kg.

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