What Are the Advantages of Open Cell Spray Foam?


What Are the Advantages of Using Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

What is open-cell spray foam insulation?

Icynene® open-cell spray foam insulation is one of two types, the other being closed-cell. Open-cell spray foam consists of very small cells which are not enclosed. It uses less material than closed-cell spray foam, which makes it less expensive.

mass-foam-systems-applied-icynene-spray-foam-insulationWhat is Icynene® open-cell foam insulation used for?

As the cells are not enclosed, air easily fills open spaces in the foam, which makes it weaker and more penetrable. Therefore, it is usually used for interior wall insulating as it does not need to protect against moisture as much as exterior wall insulation. However, the extra air pockets mean it is better at soundproofing walls.

Advantages of open-cell spray foam insulation:

  • Less material is used, which makes it less expensive
  • Perfect for insulating interior walls in buildings
  • Faster installation than other insulation materials
  • Highly effective at soundproofing

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