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What Is Closed Cell Spray Foam?

Icynene® closed cell spray foam insulation is a form of insulation that is sprayed into cavities. Though it is more expensive than open-cell spray foam insulation, it offers the best resistance to moisture that infiltrates building walls. It offers an average saving of 50% on fuel bills, and usually takes 3 years to pay off installation of Icynene® spray foam insulation.

Since closed-cell spray foam insulation expands 100 times its own original size, it fills and seals gaps and air pockets. This application method dramatically improves savings on fuel bills, as up to an average of 40% of building energy loss can be attributed to air leakage.

Benefits of Icynene® closed cell spray foam insulation:

  • Repels water and moisture on impact
  • Closed-cells offer unbeatable protection against moisture damage
  • Fantastic temperature regulation due to higher density
  • Can be applied at very low temperatures
  • Improves wall strength as it solidifies
  • It can reject water infiltration
  • Higher tensile and bond strength improves damage resistance

Learn more about Icynene® closed cell spray foam insulation and how much Icynene costs to see if it’s the insulation choice for your project. Don’t forget, you can always call our friendly team on 0800 246 5051 to discuss your plans, or get a instant quote

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