What Types of Foam Roof Insulation Are Best For Your Home?


What Type of Foam Roof Insulation Is Best For My Home?

Spray foam roof insulation has superior performance compared to other foam roof insulation types and is guaranteed to last for the life of your home. If you are looking at spray foam roof insulation you may be wondering which type would be most suited to you; open cell or closed cell.

Do I Need Open Cell or Closed Cell Foam Roof Insulation?

Open cell foam roof insulation is best suited to residential properties due to its flexibility. It is ideal for new and existing homes as it accommodates for long-term house movement. It creates an air barrier to stop heat loss; saving you up to 50% off your energy bills. It is BDA accredited and certified for use domestic homes.

How Long Will Foam Roof Insulation Take to Install?

Installation causes little disruption and it is complete in a matter of hours. You will be able to re-enter your home 2 hours after application.

How Much Does Foam Roof Insulation Cost?

As it uses less raw materials in production it has a cheaper installation cost and of all residential insulation types. Contact us for a quote.

Is Foam Roof Insulation Good for The Environment?

Icynene® spray foam roof insulation is the eco-friendliest. It is water-blown and made from recycled content. It contains no toxic chemicals, harmful elements; such as urea formaldehyde, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs); or synthetic blowing agents and has been independently tested as per ISO 16000-9 to determine this.

Is Foam Roof Insulation Waterproof?

Icynene® spray foam roof insulation is hydrophobic so repels water on impact; preventing mould growth.

What Surfaces Can Foam Roof Insulation Be Applied To?

Spray foam roof insulation can be applied to brick, wood, metal, concrete, and plastic and is easier to remove should you need to.

Why Is Foam Roof Insulation Superior To ‘Traditional’ Forms of Insulation?

Spray foam roof insulation expands 100 times its size once sprayed, filling all cavities and preventing infiltration. Read about its many advantages.

Find out more about Icynene® spray foam roof insulation and the UK’s leading accredited Icynene® installation contractors. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for a no-obligation quote on 0800 246 5051.

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