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Pitched Roof Insulation

Pitched Roof Insulation

Statistics show that 25% of heat loss takes place through the roof of your home. This attributes to a lot of money being wasted through heating your house more frequently or aggressively. It is clear that over time, this percentage can very easily amount to large costs.

Here at Mass Foam Systems we only use the top-rated & highest-performing insulation, therefore, for insulating lofts and pitched roofs we utilise Knauf 44 Earthwool insulation roll.

Earthwool is a non-combustible glass mineral wool that is designed for cold lofts. It offers a great thermal insulating performance by utilising its revolutionary bio-based binder technology.

Grant Funding

Insulation grants can help save money on the costs of energy-efficient improvements for your home. Many are not aware that you may be applicable for funding that will help cover the costs for your insulation installation/replacement.

For more information on grants follow our insulation grants guide. This insulation grants guide will walk you through what the ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) program is and how it can affect you by saving you some £s.

Follow the “How To Apply” section to get started or alternatively use the links below.

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ECO is the main scheme for supporting energy efficiency improvements including insulation and some heating improvements in low income and vulnerable households.


If you currently have loft insulation and you would like it replaced, do not worry, we can do that too!

Earthwool Insulation

Insulating your attic can produce typical savings of around £250 per year! Along with this, the cost for earthwool is extremely cheap and has a competitive price against other insulation products.

For additional information on Knauf Earthwool, you can watch this short video by Knauf Insulation UK:

Knauff 44 Earthwool is a variant of glass mineral wool roll that is made from recycled glass using ECOSE technology. This type of insulation utilises Knauff’s unique bio-based binder technology and contains no formaldehyde (can cause breathing difficulties with long-term exposure) or added phenols (highly irritating to the skin and eyes).

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At Mass Foam Systems we use Knauff 44 for a number of reasons, some being:

  • Environmentally friendly to produce
  • Easy to handle
  • Pleasant to touch
  • Low levels of dust
  • Robust and durable

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Our Process

Step 1 - Get in contact

Speak to our friendly specialists to get the best deal on your attic earthwool insulation.

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Step 2 - Gathering requirements

Next, we will gather all the details for the job to ensure it is done properly.

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Step 3 - Provide quote or consultation

We will provide a free quote over the phone or conduct a free site consultation.

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Step 4 - Schedule appointment

Once an agreement is made, we will arrange an appointment to install the earthwool insulation.

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Step 5 - Installation

Our team will install the earthwool, and prepare or clean the areas if needed.

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