The Popular Building Insulation Alternative


What is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a chemical product that reacts when mixed to expand up to 60 times its liquid volume. It is an increasingly popular alternative to regular building insulation such as polystyrene or mineral wool, and can be used to insulate walls, ceilings, lofts and roofs. Spray foam is perfectly safe and has been used for insulation for over 30 years, applied only by specialist spray foam contractors such as Mass Foam Systems.

There are two types of spray foam insulation; open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation. A specialist can assess your requirements and advise which type is best; Mass Foam Systems will always encourage a consultation to assess your needs. Open cell spray foam is less dense than closed cell, and is ideal for sound insulation, reducing airflow and condensation. Closed cell spray foam sets into a rigid solid mass that can be used for structural support and effective insulation.

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How spray foam insulation works

Spray foam insulation is typically applied to the internal components of bare walls, ceilings, roofs and more, in homes or commercial spaces that require insulation, structural support or sound proofing. It is sprayed by a spray foam contractor onto the surface in liquid form, which then expands into joints and cracks to completely seal the area.

Icynene® Vs Polyurethane

At Mass Foam Systems, we use Icynene® spray foam, which is a non-plastic spray foam based on castor oil as opposed to polyurethane foam, another common spray foam made of plastic. The core differences are:

  • Icynene® can be sprayed in all weather conditions; polyurethane cannot.
  • Icynene® is more flexible than polyurethane.
  • Icynene® is available in open and closed cell forms; polyurethane is only closed cell.
  • Icynene® is based on castor oil, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic polyurethane.

Learn more about Icynene® spray foam and discover Icynene® costs here.

Why and when to use spray foam insulation

Insulation is essential for all buildings to keep warm and keep energy costs down. We recommend using spray foam insulation due its longevity and effectiveness. If your energy bills are high or you’re struggling to keep the building warm, get in touch to learn more about spray foam insulation. We can insulate any building with Icynene® spray insulation, including agricultural, commercial, and residential buildings, and other items including boats and shipping containers!

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