Icynene® Spray Foam Insulation News

What’s the difference between U-value and R-value?

We know that the U-value and R-value is important, but what is the difference between the two? When it comes to doing work on your property, a certain amount of “value” must be met so that it meets the government’s energy initiatives, and this includes foam insulation. R-value and U-value aren’t too dissimilar; they both [...]

The Applications for Icynene® Open-Cell Insulation

It’s likely you’ve heard about the benefits of Icynene® spray foam, but which type of Icynene® foam do you need? When choosing spray foam insulation, it’s important to consider where the insulation is being placed, and what you want that insulation to do; stop heating loss, save you money on your bills, eliminate mould, etc. [...]

The Applications for Icynene Closed Cell Insulation

You may have decided that you want Icynene® spray foam insulation due to its superior benefits, but do you know which type of Icynene® insulation you need? It all depends on where in your property, home or business the foam insulation is being applied. The types of Icynene® are open cell foam and closed cell [...]

7 Best Shipping Container Homes

In the past few years, people using shipping containers for housing has rapidly increased in popularity. Shipping containers are an affordable housing solution, and they are environmentally friendly. As well as being a sustainable way of living, they can be relatively quick to convert to a space that someone can live in. They don’t look [...]

Case Study: Chessington Zoo – Icynene® Insulation to Zoo Enclosure

This month we headed to Chessington Zoo to insulate the giraffe enclosure with Icynene® spray foam. They wanted to insulate with a superior foam insulation to provide increased warmth and comfort for their giraffes. Chessington Zoo came to Mass Foam Systems as the Icynene® open-cell foam insulation we use has no harmful chemicals, so it’s [...]

5 Reasons Why Agricultural Buildings Need Spray Foam Insulation

When it comes to agricultural insulation, Icynene® spray foam insulation is seen as the most effective and efficient way to insulate new and older agricultural buildings. It’s significantly easier to apply than offer forms of insulation, and the properties and benefits of spray insulation present this as the best choice. These are the 5 reasons [...]

Icynene® H2 Foam Lite is now KIWA Certified

Icynene® H2 Foam Lite spray foam insulation is now KIWA certified! The KIWA BDA Agrément® covers direct applications of the spray insulation to both breathable and non-breathable roof membranes and felts. The KIWA approved body covers the regions of England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and complies with all building regulations. Icynene® H2 Foam [...]

Benefits of Icynene for Underfloor Insulation

As much as 10% of heat is lost through uninsulated floors. This is warmth you’ve paid for when heating your home, so it’s a bit of an unwelcomed sting, and not worth leaving unaddressed. Underfloor insulation is often forgotten about, but, if it is, it impacts the effectiveness of the other efforts you’ve gone to [...]

Why Shipping Containers Need Insulation

Why Do You Need Shipping Container Insulation? Shipping containers are ideal for storage, but if they aren’t properly insulated you run the risk of damaging what’s inside. Without substantial insulation, some of the major issues you could encounter are condensation and an ingress of dust, dirt & mould. There is a choice of insulation available, [...]

The Most Effective Types of Home Insulation

The amount of considerations when building or renovating your home is endless. With many different trades coming and going, messy floors and clutter building up, it’s crucial to stick to your plan and go step-by-step. One key consideration is home insulation, and knowing which type is best for your project. So whether you’re insulating a [...]