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Air seal your property from the cold.

Save your heating bill in the process with Icynene Spray Foam Insulation as featured on


Gloucestershire based couple choose Icynene Spray Foam Insulation for their Grand Design.



Installing energy saving Icynene spray foam in homes across the south of England. Working with the UK’s biggest manufaturers to insulate and sound-proof all buildings


From feed stores to silage, we protect and enhance all types of buildings. From project inception to completion, our technicians are available to work with you


A revolutionary method of reducing condensation, keep out the heat in summer and keep the cold out in winter for all types of storage and shipping containers


Essex & Dorset based Mass Foam Systems are an Icynene contractors and Accredited Mastercraft Sprayers, making us the number one source for Icynene spray foam insulation solutions. Applicable to both old and new construction, this environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient foam is a great choice for every structure.

Whether you need temperature or moisture control, Open and Closed Cell Icynene Foam has a wide variety of applications and benefits. There is no better home insulating material than spray foam insulation.


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Average Saving on Fuel Bills

Average Payback of Icynene Insulation

Of a buildings energy loss can be attributed to air leakage

Icynene expands its application size to fill and seal gaps

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2017 Brochure:

Key benefits | Certifications | Technical descriptions

Performance | Design work | Fire

Thermal | Air tightness | Condensation | Acoustic

New build and refurbishment – A great overview.


Residential Spray Foam Solutions

Choose from our wide range of Icynene spray foam insulation’s for residential applications including:

  • Roofs & Lofts
  • Internal & External Walls
  • Crawls Spaces
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Bonus Rooms
  • Basements

Commercial Spray Foam Solutions

Choose from our wide range of Icynene spray foam insulation’s for commercial environments including:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Storerooms
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Metal Buildings
  • Commercial Barns


Where do you want to insulate?

Create a more energy-efficient home or commercial building with Icynene spray foam insulation


What homeowners are saying about Icynene

“We are now living in a home that is healthier and more energy efficient”

Icynene spray foam insulation minimises air leakage, potential condensation problems and air quality issues.

In summary these are the benefits of Icynene

  • Icynene helps to lower your running costs by air sealing your home

  • Icynene® contains no CFCs or HCFCs which help to make it environmentally friendly

  • Prevents Air Leakage by stopping cold air and providing maximum thermal insulation

  • It helps to reduces mold and condensation whilst prolonging the life of your roof

  • Icynene® air filtration helps prevent airborne pollutants and allergens from entering the home.

  • Icynene® insulation sound-proofing qualities help to ensure greater privacy and improve noise reduction

  • Icynene® is suitable for new or existing homes and buildings

  • Can help to add to the re-sale value of your home and more attractive to prospective tenants/buyers

  • Improves damp protection by allowing water to drain through it rather than storing it

  • Icynene® is completely water blown and will not emit any harmful gases once cured

  • Icynene® expands up to 100 times its original size within 6 seconds of being applied making it completely air tight

  • Icynene® has been fully tested by the BBA (British Board of Agrément)

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