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Chessington Zoo

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This month we headed to Chessington Zoo to insulate the giraffe enclosure with Icynene® spray foam. They wanted to insulate with a superior foam insulation to provide increased warmth and comfort for their giraffes. Chessington Zoo came to Mass Foam Systems as the Icynene® open-cell foam insulation we use has no harmful chemicals, so it’s safe to apply without harming the animals.

We greeted the giraffes, who were curious as to what these strangers dressed in Icynene® contractor overalls were doing in their home, and then got to work applying Icynene® spray foam insulation to the giraffe enclosure of 700 square-meters.

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Using Icynene® spray foam insulation for commercial or agricultural insulation ensures that the animals inside have a significantly improved living environment that holds the warmth. At Mass Foam Systems, we don’t just provide foam insulation to keep humans warm, but to the homes of animals, too!

Reasons to Choose Icynene® Open Cell Spray Foam

  • 100% water blown with no harmful gases
  • Improved thermal conductivity with a high R-value
  • Hydrophobic material repels water on impact
  • Eliminates mould
  • Fast-installation
  • Highly effective at soundproofing

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