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4 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation for Boats

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Spray foam insulation isn’t just for homes and commercial properties, it’s also the most favourable choice for use on boats. Unlike other forms of insulation, spray foam offers an array of unique benefits due to its lightweight and airtight properties. At Mass Foam Systems, we have a combined experience of over ten years in insulating boats of all shapes and sizes. Here are four ways marine insulation can completely transform your boat for the better:

1.       Effective temperature regulation

Spray foam insulation for boats creates a complete airtight seal due to its ability to expand into every nook and cranny. As a result, outside air cannot pass through easily. This ensures that temperatures are effectively regulated in all extreme weather conditions. Boat spray foam insulation means that a boat does not get too cold during the winter or too hot during the summer. If you are travelling on your boat for long periods of time, spray foam insulation promises optimal living conditions whether in rain or shine.

2.       Boat insulation softens noise

A boat’s engine can be quite loud, which at times can be inconvenient and frustrating. Icynene spray foam insulation has soundproofing properties, meaning it can dull out the noise and vibrations coming from the boat’s engine. This is particularly convenient when being on a boat for a long period of time, promising a quieter and more pleasant experience.

3.       Performs well in water

One of the most important factors about boat insulation foam is that it can perform just as well when introduced to water. Our closed cell spray foam is especially suited to marine projects due to its rigid structure, making it almost waterproof. Spray foam insulation does not become rotten or break down in water, holding its structure to effectively insulate your boat for many years to come.

4.       Lightweight structure

Any boat owner knows that onboard weight is a huge factor in a boat’s overall efficiency. Spray foam insulation takes all of this into account due to its lightweight structure. This means no heavy weight is added that could potentially slow you down.

To learn more about the benefits of marine insulation or to enquire about spray foam insulation for your boat, contact our friendly team. Simply call 0800 246 5051 and we will be happy to assist you. We’ll even provide you with a free quote!

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