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Why is Spray Foam So Expensive?

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‘Why is spray foam so expensive?’ is a question we have seen people ask online, so we want to weigh in with our knowledge and experience. When you review all the elements, including the benefits, Icynene® spray foam insulation isn’t expensive. In the long-term, it will actually save you money!

  • It offers excellent, unparalleled insulating capabilities

Icynene® spray foam completely air seals a property by sealing every possible gap. Having a complete air barrier reduces the extra costs previously accumulated as a result of trying to keep homes warm during winter months. It also works to block pollutants. The additional features of this include it being uninhabitable for vermin, and it improves the structural stability of buildings.

  • The installers undergo rigorous training to achieve qualifications

Icynene® spray foam insulation is not a DIY type of insulation. It’s of paramount importance that spray foam is installed correctly for the benefits of this insulation to have fruition. If there are any slight gaps in the insulation as it’s been applied, Icynene® won’t be as effective as a result.

Icynene® installers undergo specialist training to qualify as Icynene® contractors. Every member of our team is CHAS accredited.

  • The quality of the materials used

Unlike other forms of insulation, Icynene® spray foam contains no harmful materials. Icynene® is a water-blown spray that is made from recycled content. There are no toxic chemicals or synthetic blowing agents. As a result of this, homeowners can re-occupy their home after just 2 hours.

  • Lowers costs = less benefits

With traditional insulation such as wool and sheets, you don’t get the same benefits. Icynene® spray foam is the only material that doesn’t hold onto water. In contrast, fibreglass isn’t water-resistant. It can trap moisture, causing mould. The risk of condensation, damp or mould is eliminated with Icynene® spray foam insulation. The promise of not experiencing damage caused by these afflictions is worth the price!

As mentioned above, Icynene® will save you money; most customers see a return on investment within 4 years. Homeowners will see a saving of up to 50% off their heating and cooling bills. The question shouldn’t be ‘why is spray foam so expensive?’ but ‘how much money can I save with spray foam?’!

If you have any questions and you’d like to discuss Icynene® spray foam insulation further, or to find out which type you need (closed cell and open cell spray foam), get in touch with the friendly team at Mass Foam Systems today. You can call 0800 246 5051 or get an instant quote.

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