Icynene® problems only occur if it is incorrectly applied. If you’re worried about problems with Icynene® spray foam insulation, we can reassure you as official, accredited Icynene® installers that it is the safest, most environmentally friendly and effective forms of insulation on the market. Discover 4 anticipated “Icynene® problems” that don’t exist:

Icynene® problem 1: It’s not fire safe

Icynene® is completely fire safe and meets all necessary code requirements for fire safety. It is a Class A material and is ranked less than or equal to 25, putting it in the lowest bracket of the fire spread index. Icynene® low density spray foam does not equate as a fuel source, whereas many other types of insulation materials can.

Icynene® problem 2: It affects electrical wiringicynene-spray-foam-ceiling-application-mass-foam-systems

Icynene® has been tested thoroughly by the manufacturer and third-party sources. All confirm that Icynene® does not affect electrical wiring in any shape or form. Certain insulation materials placed close to electrical wiring can be dangerous due to overheating, but official tests have found that Icynene® should not be a concern.

Icynene® problem 3: It causes health issues

Icynene® does not cause health issues, in fact it is beneficiary for anybody suffering from respiratory problems! Icynene® air seals your home, blocking pollutant from outside including dust, dirt, mould, moisture, radon, exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide. It minimises the flow of airborne moisture entering your home to protect against mould growth that leads to conditions including asthma, allergies, itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing.

Icynene® problem 3: How can I ensure it is installed correctly

Icynene® should only be installed by a qualified Icynene® contractor that has undergone all Icynene® training programs. Ensure you do your research properly and look for a reputable Icynene® spray foam insulation company that is properly accredited with certifications such as Mass Foam Systems. We are:

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