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Is Cavity Wall Insulation a Good Idea?

can-you-use-expanding-foam-as-cavity-wall-insulationYes – having cavity wall insulation will ensure none of the money you spend on heating is lost, as without wall insulation, heat is lot through the walls of your home.

Is Cavity Wall Insulation Safe?

It is, particularly if Icynene® spray foam is used for your cavity wall insulation, as it is completely safe. Icynene® consists of water and isocyanates, it’s not toxic and it’s environmentally friendly certified. Dangers could only occur if it’s not applied by an accredited professional. The whole team at Mass Foam Systems have undergone rigorous training and are approved Icynene® installers.

Can Cavity Wall Insulation Cause Damp?

If installed incorrectly, having cavity wall insulation can lead to damp. Also, if a cavity wall is filled with blown mineral fibre there could be gaps, which will cause black mould and condensation. Icynene® guarantees that every possible nook and cranny will be filled; the spray foam expands to 100 times its size.

Is Cavity Wall Insulation Good?

There are mixed opinions as filling the gap creates a way for moisture to travel. But, if you use Icynene® spray foam, it’s been designed to improve damp protection as it doesn’t store water; the water drains through it. Cavity wall insulation is a good thing as 99% of the moisture is carried in the air. If that moisture, built up by cooking and showering, can move through the walls mould will occur. Icynene® will also help to reduce the sound of traffic, prevent drafts and keep out pollutants.

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