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Can Spray Foam Insulation Cause Mould?

About Icynene

Mould and damp within the home is always unwelcome and can be a nuisance. However, there are ways to deal with it – including your home’s insulation. Many people question whether spray foam insulation causes mould, and we’re here to prove that wrong.

Spray foam insulation is a damp-resistant, airtight form of insulation that does not cause mould within the home. This is due to its durable structure and the airtight seal it creates on application.

Why is mould a problem?

Not only is mould unpleasant to look at, it can have negative side effects on both your home and your family’s health. Mould can actually have a detrimental impact on the structure of your home, weakening it and increasing the likelihood of damage. This can lead to costly repairs and maintenance, especially if left untreated.

Mould can also impact our health, causing symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and itching. If severe enough, it can have negative impacts on those with respiratory health conditions such as asthma.

With Icynene spray foam insulation, you can rest assured that mould will not be a problem within your home.

How does spray foam insulation prevent mould?

If you are worried about the effects of mould could have your home, Icynene spray foam can stop it in its tracks. Spray foam insulation does not attract mould or damp due to the creation of a complete airtight seal. Once our Icynene spray foam installers have applied it to your roof or loft, the spray foam expands up to 100 times its original size and fills every hole and gap in the process.

To thrive, mould requires a moist and damp space. Since the airtight seal closes all possible air gaps, this prevents moisture from entering and encouraging mould growth. This is what makes Icynene spray foam insulation the number one choice for homeowners today. Its airtight seal makes it completely unique to any other product on the market, ensuring homes are damp free with reduced energy bills.

There are many more benefits to Icynene which we have tried to compress into 1 short page.

To start reducing your energy bills and learn more about how spray foam insulation can prevent mould in your home, get in touch with our team of experts. Simply call 0800 246 5051 and get a free quote.

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