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How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

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Spray foam insulation provides a barrier that covers everything and is used to reach the smallest of spaces that other insulation products may miss. The perfect solution for homes, commercial buildings and warehouses, spray foam insulation can help buildings be more energy efficient by creating an air barrier that prevents heat loss, air movement and condensation caused by cracks or openings. Discover the process that makes spray foam the most effective insulation product, and why you should choose Icynene foam insulation with Mass Foam Systems.  

How does spray foam insulation work?

Spray foam insulation is designed to go one step further than traditional insulation, with its flexible, air tight and water tight qualities. Spray foam insulation is made up of a combination of liquid chemicals. When sprayed, the chemicals react and expand into a layer of foam that hardens into a dense insulating layer. The thick layer that is created means spray foam won’t lose its shape over time and will continue to protect your home from air leakage. 2 types of spray foam are available; open cell and closed cell. Whilst open cell spray foam provides a lighter option that makes the foam softer and more flexible, closed cell spray foam is denser and creates a more rigid layer of foam, both providing different advantages for depending on your building requirements.

Icynene spray foam insulation with Mass Foam Systems

Icynene spray foam contains no harmful or toxic gases like other insulating foams, making for a safer and environmentally friendly insulation solution. The properties within Icynene insulation can even save you up to 50% on your energy bills by reducing heat loss that means you can cut back on heating bills. 

As specialist spray foam contractors and Icynene installers, Mass Foam Systems are dedicated to providing all of our customers the best experience. You can get a free instant quote for your project before our team determines which type of Icynene spray foam is best for your application and requirements, making sure you get a reliable and effective insulation process suitable for you. Once we have provided you with a free quote or conducted a free site consultation, we will arrange an appointment to begin the Icynene foam insulation process. After the spray foam has been applied, you will only need to wait 2 hours before you can re-enter the building. 

Mass Foam systems are the UK’s leading Icynene spray foam insulation company, and with dependable customer service as a core principle for us, we aim to offer a simple and quick insulation process to solve condensation and soundproofing issues in all types of properties.

Learn more about how Icynene spray foam insulation can save you money, reduce air pollution and protect your home. Contact our expert team of Icynene installers at Mass Foam Systems to get a free quote or enquire about our services today.

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