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Is Icynene® Spray Foam Insulation Environmentally Friendly?

About Icynene

icynene spray foam insulation

There is a lot of confusion surrounding whether Icynene® spray foam insulation is a safe method of insulating your home. You’ll be pleased to know that Icynene® spray foam is actually one of the safest, healthiest and most eco-friendly insulation methods. Unlike other polyurethane foams, Icynene® is completely non-toxic and has an array of benefits to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly and green spray foam insulation with environmental benefits

Icynene® spray foam insulation is a fantastic investment for keeping your home air-tight and reducing heat loss, but it also promises positive impacts on the environment. This is especially important in the current climate change crisis and the need to reduce our carbon footprint. Icynene® spray foam insulation has a hugely positive environmental impact, made of 99% pure water-blown air.

This eco-friendly spray foam insulation also does not contain any formaldehyde chemicals, toxic chemicals or harmful gases (unlike other polyurethane foams). Due to being produced from entirely recyclable materials, Icynene® spray foam is the best insulation option for preventing global warming and saving renewable energy.

Icynene® spray foam is safe for human and animal health

Whilst Icynene® insulation is great for the environment, it has also been trialled and approved to be safe for both human and animal health. It also has an array of health benefits that can positively impact quality of living. For example, homeowners with respiratory problems such as asthma can expect far fewer allergens entering their home after Icynene® installation. This is due to effective airtight properties that Icynene® spray foam has to offer.

Spray foam insulation is completely safe from the moment our Icynene® installers have completed the work, releasing zero harmful gases or fumes that could impact humans or animals. In fact, unlike other forms of insulation, it’s safe to enter the home again just 2 hours after installation!

At Mass Foam Systems, we are proud to be the UK’s #1 Icynene® installers and we are passionate about providing safe and eco-friendly spray foam solutions in homes nationwide. Learn more about the environmental benefits of Icynene® eco-friendly spray foam insulation by contacting us today on 0800 246 5051. Request a call back and get a free quote!

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