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Case Study: Icynene Spray Foam for Mobile Homes Insulation

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The Project Brief

Spray foam insulation has a huge variety of benefits for residential properties, including mobile homes. Recently, our team of Icynene spray foam installers completed an exciting mobile homes insulation project. We were asked to fit Icynene spray foam to the underneath of the mobile home for high quality, cost-effective insulation all-year round.

As mobile homes are built slightly off of the ground, this means they are more susceptible to moisture and cold air entering from beneath. Spray foam can help to keep moisture out, protecting the structure of the property, whilst stopping cold air in its tracks.

Undergoing the Project

Our team arrived at the mobile home and met with the homeowner, providing them with an in-depth brief of the work entailed. For safety reasons, the homeowner was kindly asked to leave the property for the duration of the work. We started by preparing and cleaning the underneath of the mobile home in order to fully prepare it for spray foam insulation. We removed any dirt and debris to ensure the spray foam had a clean, smooth surface to adhere to.

The foam was then carefully installed by our Icynene spray foam installers, which was done in sections to increase precision and accuracy. Spray foam insulation expands up to 100 times its original size on application, meaning it fills every single hole or crack to prevent heat loss.

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience with mobile homes insulation, we were able to complete the work efficiently and to a high-quality standard. Once the installation was complete, the homeowner was able to return to their home after two hours.

The Finished Result

This mobile home insulation project was a huge success for both the homeowner and our team. With Icynene spray foam insulation this mobile home is now prepped for many hot summers and cold winters, offering fantastic heat regulation and protection against damp, mould and even rodents. This homeowner can now expect to save up to 50% on their energy bills and have comfortable, improved living conditions to match.

Learn more about our mobile homes insulation services and how your property could benefit from Icynene spray foam insulation. For more information, contact our friendly team by calling 0800 246 5051 or request a call back today. Get a free quote!

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