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Three Bed Semi Detached Private Home

Residential Case Studies

Brief: Use Icynene spray foam to cure the howling gale in the loft and to noise proof the garage. The homeowner spent a lot of time here practicing their bass electric guitar and wanted to lessen any noise impact on neighbours.

The clients’ spray foam insulation testimonial:

“I have to say the insulation work carried out in the roof space exceeded my expectations and not only is the house noticeably warmer and wind proof but when I go into the loft now the noise of traffic rumble that  I used to hear from the vehicles on the nearby A road are almost imperceptible now.

The best part of the job was having a warm quiet practice room for my music and when the job was first completed I asked my wife to go out side and see if she could still hear anything, apparently while playing she was shouting to me OK start playing, but I did not hear her !!! so it was a perfect result for me.”

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