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What Are Icynene® Insulation Dangers

mass-foam-systems-certified-installersIcynene® insulation dangers are a myth. There is only one Icynene® insulation danger that can occur; if it is not applied properly (much like any building material) then the spray foam may not be fully cured, and it can still contain ‘uncured’ isocyanates which could induce irritation.

However, this only occurs if you could enter the area. Icynene® can only be applied by an accredited professional, and they should have undergone a rigorous training program like our Icynene® installers at Mass Foam Systems. They will ensure the job site is vacated and ventilated whilst the spray foam is applied and for at least 2 hours after.

Spray foam insulation has existed for over 25 years and no known incidents have ever been recorded.

Icynene® insulation dangers busted:

  • Icynene® spray foam insulation is completely different to polyurethane foam. Icynene® consists of water and isocyanates and is certified as environmentally friendly. Any statements that it is toxic is false.
  • Icynene® does not pose dangers if applied to electrical wiring.
  • Icynene® meets all fire safety codes.
  • Icynene® can deter rodents as it does not give them space to make a home.
  • Icynene® stops damp in properties.
  • Icynene® is non-corrosive.

Icynene® insulation is one of the safest, most effective insulation methods on the market. Read more information on the EPA recommendations for spray foam or get in touch with Mass Foam Systems to speak to a qualified Icynene® contractor directly about any Icynene® insulation dangers you may have. Get an instant quote or get in touch to request a brochure – call 0800 246 5051 today!

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