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What Insulation Is Used for Container Home Insulation?

One of the first steps when you have purchased a shipping container for living space is to apply container home insulation.

Do I need to insulate a shipping container?

Yes! If it’s not an insulated shipping container the container will become a greenhouse in summer and a giant walk-in freezer during the winter months! On top of that, it will likely cause condensation, which will lead to mould and corrosion.

What insulation is used for insulating shipping containers?

The popular choice is Icynene® closed cell spray foam due to the superior insulation qualities. Unlike other methods of insulation, it offers complete moisture protection. Icynene® has a high R value, so it resists heat flow, ensuring that it doesn’t become a hot-box, and in winter any heat can’t escape. Another bonus is that it has sound-proofing qualities, so you won’t be disturbed by the noise outside of your insulated container!

Benefits of Icynene® closed cell spray foam for insulating containers:

  • Quick and easy to be installedshipping-container-insulation-mass-foam-systems-spray-foam
  • Fills every possible gap for complete insulation
  • The closed cell structure improves indoor air quality
  • Increasing the structural integrity
  • Can be applied inside, outside & underneath*

*Applying spray foam insulation under the floor isn’t always considered initially, and it is something that can be added later if the floor does feel cold. Icynene® insulation is the best solution in these instances as it can be easily sprayed either under the shipping container or under the placed flooring.

Have you purchased a container to convert and you want to discuss your project? Find out more about Icynene® spray foam insulation by calling our friendly team 0800 246 5051 or complete our form to receive an instant quote.

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