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5 Reasons Why Agricultural Buildings Need Spray Foam Insulation

About Icynene

When it comes to agricultural insulation, Icynene® spray foam insulation is seen as the most effective and efficient way to insulate new and older agricultural buildings. It’s significantly easier to apply than offer forms of insulation, and the properties and benefits of spray insulation present this as the best choice.

These are the 5 reasons why agricultural buildings need spray foam insulation.

Easy to Apply

Icynene® spray foam is particularly easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas, which can save a lot of time and trouble. Insulating the roof of an agricultural building involves reaching high and awkward areas – an easier feat with spray foam insulation.


Protect Crops from Frost Damage

Using Icynene® as agricultural spray foam insulation helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the building, creating the right environment and temperature to maintain and protect crops.

Reduce Livestock Food Consumption

During winter months, livestock eat more to get more energy. Providing a sufficiently insulated agricultural building will cut down the amount they are consuming. Icynene® spray foam insulation is classified as an air barrier, stopping air leaks and helping to reduce heat loss by up to 90%.

Reduces Fuel Cost

Icynene® offers an average saving of 50% on fuel bills, which will pay off, on average, in as short as 3-years. Icynene® UK is an expanding foam insulation, which is how it ensures complete insulation. Open-cell spray foam, the foam insulation solution for agricultural and commercial buildings, expands to 100 times its size when sprayed, filling every gap it finds.

Stops Condensation

Icynene® spray foam insulation protects against moisture by repelling water on impact, offering the best resistance against water. It eliminates both condensation and any future mould. Icynene® is suitable to be used on most agricultural buildings as it can be applied to steel, aluminium, concrete, stonework, brick and stale or tile.

Why Mass Foam Systems?

Mass Foam Systems are the UK’s number one preferred installers of Icynene®, as accredited by the official manufacturers of the Icynene® product. This is due to our professional and friendly service, and team of specially trained Icynene® contractors. Get in touch on 0800 246 5051 to learn more about Icynene® spray foam insulation or get an instant quote.

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