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Is There Non-Toxic Expanding Spray Foam?

It’s important for consumers to know if there any health concerns with building materials that are going into their home or commercial property, which is why we’ve been asked “is there non-toxic expanding foam?”. We can report that there is! Icynene® is a non-toxic spray foam. It doesn’t contain formaldehyde, HCFC, CFC or HFA so it produces no toxic emissions. And, unlike polyurethane foams, Icynene® foam cells are only filled with air.

Whilst Icynene® spray foam shares some of the basic ingredients used in polyurethane foams, the resins in Icynene® don’t contain any blowing agents (chemicals). It’s these chemicals that are hazardous.

Some people think that one of the Icynene® dangers is that this spray foam insulation is toxic, but this isn’t the case. It won’t impact the health of inhabitants. To give a further example of how it’s a non-toxic expanding foam, people can enter the building again as soon as 2-hours after installation! Icynene® is one of the few insulation products that has this benefit.

What the tests say: is spray foam insulation toxic?

Icynene® has been independently tested as per ISO 16000-9 to determine that it is not made with any pollutants or hazardous substances. Recommended by AMICA, the European Association for the Environmental & Chronic Toxic Injury, Icynene® is completely safe to install in properties.

Is expanding foam toxic if there is a fire in the vicinity?

No, it will not emit toxic fumes if it comes into contact with flames. In addition, it won’t quickly catch alight during the instance of a home-fire, so the fire won’t be fuelled by Icynene®.

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