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How Much Does It Cost to Spray Foam a House?

It would make things easier to know how much spray foam insulation costs, but unfortunately there isn’t a definitive Icynene® cost price as many factors must be determined and factored into the quote.


Icynene® insulation cost is made up of:

  • Area Dimensions

The size of the area being insulated determines the amount of spray foam used. Request a free quote from Mass Foam Systems for the Icynene® cost per square foot.

  • Spray Foam Type

There are two types of spray insulation: open cell or closed cell foam. The type of spray foam used depends of your requirements. Icynene® closed cell spray foam is ideal for flooring, ceiling applications and for insulating external walls. Open cell foam is a softer structure, suited for internal walls and loft insulation.

  • Time

The time needed for the installation is determined by the amount of space being insulated. Unlike most other types of insulation, Icynene® needs to be installed by trained and approved Icynene® contractors to ensure that it’s applied correctly and safely.

With any work you undertake on your home, it’s an investment. The reason we recommend Icynene® is not only because of the unique Icynene® spray foam benefits, but because of the return on that investment. Unlike traditional insulation, if you use spray foam you will see a payback in as short as 3 years. As well as an average reduction of 50% on your heating bills, having Icynene® insulation can increase the value of your home.

To discuss your foam insulation requirements or to get a no obligation quote, contact one of our friendly Icynene® contractors on 0800 246 5051 or get an instant quote.

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