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What Is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is used to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through a cavity wall. Insulation such as Icynene® spray foam insulation, completely fills the air-space between the walls, providing air sealing and eliminating heat loss.

Does Cavity Wall Insulation Work?

Yes – you could save up to £145 a year* in heating bills from just insulating the walls. It is recommended that you use a registered insulation contractor to ensure installation is up to building standards. People tend to install fibreglass sheets themselves, but the smallest of gaps can decrease the effectiveness of the insulation by up to 50%.

What Is Cavity Wall Insulation Made Of?

Cavity wall insulation is made up of different materials; it depends which insulation is being used and for what application.

  • Icynene®: this is a water-blown spray foam insulation, and the density depends on what the application it’s being used for. Closed cell spray foam is a rigid foam, open cell spray foam is a softer foam.
  • Fibreglass sheets: available as a blanket or as a rigid board, it’s made up of fine glass fibres.
  • Cellulose: largely made up of recycled materials. It can be messy as it’s not packed like fibreglass or sprayed like Icynene®.

What Does Cavity Wall Insulation Do?can-you-use-expanding-foam-as-cavity-wall-insulation

Cavity wall insulation acts as an air barrier to stop heat loss, it can prevent condensation and it will ultimately save you money. Icynene® doesn’t only reduce drafts and help to maintain even temperatures throughout your home, but it reduces noise from interior rooms and external noise like traffic.

How Cavity Wall Insulation Works

Cavity wall insulation stops heat escaping through the walls of your home, but it also helps to reduce condensation. We recommend Icynene®, as this type of spray foam insulation completely fills the space, expanding to 100 times its original size within 6 seconds of being applied, ensuring it is air-tight.

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*estimate based on insulating a gas-heated, semi-detached house. Source: https://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-insulation/cavity-wall

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